Cheapest escort girls in dubai

Escorts Girls Charge Dubai


2 hours600 AED– 900 AED

3 hours750 AED– 1.050 AED

4 hours900 AED – 1.200 AED

5 hours1.000 AED – 1.350 AED

6 hours1.100 AED – 1.500 AED

7 hours1.200 AED – 1.600 AED

8 hours1.300 AED– 1.700 AED

9 hours1.400 € – 1.800 AED

10 hours1.500 AED – 1.900 AED

11 hours1.550 € – 1.950 AED

12 hours1.600 AED – 2.000 AED

13–18 hours2.200 AED – 2.400 AED

19–24 hours2.600 AED – 2.800 AED

1 extra day1.400 AED – 1.800 AED

1 week9.000 AED – 10.000 AED

The prices listed here include commission. Please note that every escort gets travel expenses which you can find on the sedcard of the lady.

Our Terms

Aura Escort is the intermediary between clients and the ladies who are listed on our website. These ladies are not permanent employees but independent and self-employed persons. Please note that with your booking, the contract is concluded between you as client and the lady. There is NO contract concluded between client and the agency as intermediary. See also our Terms and Conditions.

Payment Terms

We require that you pay the escort girls up-front upon meeting them with cash in hand, this includes agreed travel expenses. Please enclose payment in an envelope. Once this unromantic part of the date is done, you can relax. If you shy away from money transfers with your companion, you can transfer it to us in advance. If the date is longer (more than 24 hours), you should consider paying by bank transfer.

Travel Expenses

Travel costs of the date are added to the overall price. Depending on how far the lady has had to travel, these costs vary.

Hotel Costs

Ideally you will meet your escort lady in a hotel. This is a neutral place and at the same time a large playground! Aura Escort attaches great importance to ensuring that you and your Lady can enjoy yourselves on your date. Therefore please ensure that the environment is appropriate, the hotel should be at least 4-star standard. Should this not be possible, please state the planned accommodation and we will check if it is okay. Some of the ladies also offer home visits, just ask us and we will check with your favourite girl if attendance is possible.

Holiday Companion

If you want to spend your next vacation with an attractive, smart and young lady, talk to us!
Especially for weekend trips or longer trips, we offer you additional days at a low hourly rate. Just look at our price list! Please keep in mind that the travel costs or air travel are higher than usual, your escort lady from Frankfurt may require a train ticket to get to the airport of your choice. We are pleased to find you a nice hotel in your desired destination and make suggestions for appropriate activities.